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Rider Levels

Rider Levels

Our tours attract riders of varying abilities and as such they are designed to allow you to cycle at your own level, taking exercise while making friends and experiencing the sights and sounds of the region you’re riding in.

Each day we’ll start with a friendly briefing over breakfast where we’ll tell you what you can expect to see on the ride, how far we’ll be travelling, what type of terrain you’ll be cycling through and answering any questions you may have about the day. During each day’s ride we’ll stop to take in the views, admire local craftsmen and women at work and appreciate the surroundings. Not forgetting refreshment breaks of course, we’ll stop for beverages and snacks or just to take a breather.

And don’t worry if you find yourself riding at a different pace to some of your companions. In this case our policy is to let you ride at your preferred pace and accompany you all the way. In fact we often find that we split up into two or three groups spread out over a couple of miles according to how much riding, sightseeing and chatting we like to do along the way. Inevitably we find that the groups come back together at rest stops frequently reforming into different groups for the subsequent stage of the ride. In other words, we’re flexible – it’s your vacation to be enjoyed your way. If you’d like to ride less on any day let us know and we’ll let you choose a stopping point where we’ll arrange for one of our drivers to whisk you off to the next hotel. If you’re not sure where you want to finish for the day you can decide while you’re riding along, just let the nearest guide know and it will be arranged for you.

Alternatively, if you feel you’d like to do more, each day at the morning briefing we’ll let you know what the day’s optional extra ride will be. Usually between 7 and 12 miles, it will start after lunch and end at our accommodation in plenty of time to chill out, take a massage and prepare for dinner. The optional extra ride is exactly that, optional – if you’d like to do it let one of us know, either at the briefing, during the ride or even over lunch if you find a sudden burst of energy – we’re flexible remember. Even if you find you’re the only one that wants more riding, don’t worry you won’t be alone - at least one of us will be riding with you.

We want you to finish each day’s ride feeling exhilarated but not exhausted – ready to enjoy first class facilities as you wind down and prepare for your well-earned evening meal. We aim to do most of our riding in the mornings, usually ending the day’s ride around lunch time, either enjoying a picnic towards the end of the ride or lunch at our next hotel. To that end you should be reasonably fit and used to riding up to 25 miles in a typical day, but not non-stop.

We use the following three terms to describe our rides:

Rider Level 1: Gentle


Rider Level 2: Moderate


Rider Level 3: Stimulating


Overall, the rides will either be categorised as “Gentle” or “Moderate”, but they may contain sections which we call “Stimulating”. That means there will be a section of uphill riding which will cause you to work a little harder but not exhaust you.

You’ll find more of the “Stimulating” sections on the tours described as “Moderate” than on those described as “Gentle”, but if you find you’d like a little more of the “Stimulating” sections let us know and we’ll tailor an optional ride accordingly.

If you’re in any doubt about whether a trip is right for you, contact us and we’ll call you back to talk it through.

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