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Bikes and Equipment

New for 2015 we are proud to be associated with one of the world's leading bike manufacturers, Specialized, and we’ll be riding a fleet of Specialized hybrid bikes capable of delivering you comfortably and smoothly from the start of your daily ride to your exclusive accommodation.

For male riders we’ll be using the Sirrus Sport, and for female riders the Vita Sport. Both are road-inspired, lightweight hybrid bikes with alloy and carbon frames. They’ve got all the functions of a road bike, but with that extra confidence you get from a flat bar.

Sirrus Sport Hybrid bike Vita Sport Hybrid bike

On day 1 we’ll introduce you to your bike, make sure you’re familiar with its features and operation, and make any adjustments that are required to suit your personal riding preferences. If you ride with cleats and would like to bring your own pedals along we’ll fit them for you and return them to you at the end of the tour. If you’d like a rear view mirror fitted let us know and we’ll attach one for you. If your saddle isn’t quite as comfortable as you’re used to, tell us and we’ll offer you an alternative.

Every morning while you’re enjoying breakfast and loosening up for the ride ahead, at least one of us will be checking your bikes to ensure they’re in tip-top condition for the day ahead.

Hopefully not required, but nice to know they’re available, an extensive range of tools and spares will be travelling along with you, out of sight and at a discreet distance so we can quickly get you back in the saddle in the event of a problem. Should you have a problem that takes a little longer to fix, don’t worry we’ll also be carrying a couple of spare bikes that we can adjust to your preferences and get you riding again in a matter of minutes.

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